Monday, April 21, 2014

The latest fishing report available from the Port of St. Joseph

Fishing Report 9/1/13

Salmon Fishing is doing pretty good in about 118'-142' of water straight out from the piers.

Perch Fishing is doing really good in 25'-45' Down South to the Shalayes.

Pier has been slower with skamania and Catfish being the main fish to catch.

The River is good, catching Walleyes, Steelhead, and Smallmouth bass, especially near the Berrien Springs Dam.


Fishing Report 7/15/13

Salmon and Lake Trout Fishing is doing pretty decent right now with fishermen getting them in about 80'-150'.

Perch are doing pretty good in 30'-40' of water near Rocky Gap and even Gene Clock Park.

Piers have been slower. They have caught mainly Steelhead and a few catfish.

The River has done good on walleyes so far, and also wielding a few smallmouth. Steelhead are doing ok at the dam.

Good Luck Fishermen!


Fishing Report 7/6/13

Salmon and Lake Trout are in 80'-150' of water straight out and a little south of the Piers.

Perch are doing pretty good in 30'-35' of water North at Rocky Gap.

The Pier are getting Steelhead, Catfish, and a lot of Sheephead.

The River is getting some Steelhead down at the Berrien Springs Hydroelectric Dam. Walleye and smallmouth are doing pretty good as well.


Fishing Report 6/23/13

Salmon and Coho are doing good in 180'-250' of water straight out from the St. Joseph Piers. They are mainly being caught on Spoons.

Perch are doing okay in 20'-30' of water North just past Gene Clock Park and Rocky Gap.

The Pier is starting to catch a few more steelhead, however catfish is still the main fish being caught. Smallmouth bass are in the mix of fish being caught too.

The River remains unchanged as they are mainly catching walleye and smallmouth.


Fishing Report 6/8/13

The Salmon and Lake Trout picked up today; still at 50'-60' of water South.

Perch has started going at 65' of water near Rocky Gap, Gene Clock Park, however it is not remarkable catchings yet.

The Pier is still catching Catfish, but a lot of Drums being caught today. Both piers are also catching just a few smallmouth and steelhead as well.

The River is slower today with there being only a few walleyes and smallmouth bass being caught.

Don't forget, Free Fishing is this weekend (June 8th and 9th).


Fishing Report 6/7/13

Salmon and Lake Trout are starting to pick up again, located in about 50'-60' down South

Perch remains scattered, but there are a few of them being caught in around 35'-60' of water.

The Piers are still catching primarily Catfish, but a few smallmouth bass and steelhead are being caught too.

River Fishing is mainly still a few walleyes and just a few smallmouth bass.

Don't forget, THIS WEEKEND (June 8th and 9th) is Free Fishing Weekend!


Fishing Report 6/5/13

The Big Lake is yielding some salmon, lake trout and coho in about 80'-110' of water using spoons and the combination of spin doctors and flies.

Perch fishing is still slow and scattered; not very much activity has been reported so far.

The Pier is doing good on Catfish. Some and Steelhead are being caught too.

The River is slowing down but people are warming up on walleyes and smallmouth bass.

Don't forget, this weekend of June 8th and 9th is Free Fishing Weekend!


Fishing Report 05/14/13

Kings are out front in 40' - 70'

Coho are in 150' - 220'

They are getting gills on many inland lakes.



Fishing Report 3/5/13

Fishing is starting up. Cohos and Brown Trout are being caught in 15'-35' nearby the piers and the cook plant.

River Fishing is starting to slow down, but a few people are catching some steelhead down by the Berrien Springs Dam.

The Piers are catching Coho, Brown Trout, and other fish using spawn and salmon roe.

The New Season started, go catch em'!


Fishing Report 2/9/13

With the warming temperatures, ice fishing is slowing down due to the lack of ice.

There is no longer enough ice to fish the Paw Paw Channel, however anglers are finding ice at both Van Auken  and Lake of the Woods Channel.  anglers are catching bluegills, some crappie, and a few bass and northerns out of both Van Auken and Pw Paw Channels.   Anglers are using jigs tipped with wax worms and spikes for panfish.  Pink jigs and flies tipped with minnows after dark are catching Crappie.  Pike minnows and chubs are being used for bass and pike on Tip-up's.

Steelhead fishing is starting to pick up on the St. Joseph River

Anglers out in boats are catching steel trolling Hot N' Tots, and Flatfish as well as bouncing back skain.

Anglers are catching Steelhead at the Berrien Springs Dam using flies, spawn, Corky's, and Wobble Glow's.  Popular colors for Wobble Glows include half glow half red, half charteuse-half orange, and bright orange with lighter orange dots.  Popular colors for Corky's include orange with a yellow stripe down the middle, half and half orange and charteuse, as well as glow colors.

Also there has been reports of Anglers catching whitefish, Steelhead, browns, and Coho's off the both north and South St. Joseph Piers.  Anglers are using Steelhead skain and spawn on a pyramid slider rig.

Come into Broadlow's Fishin Hole for more details!




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